Turquoise and Pink Hummingbird - Download only

Turquoise and Pink Hummingbird - Download only


Create your own art prints from home with Nikki Moksha Designs downloadable artwork. The images look beautiful printed onto to high quality printer paper, stationary, greetings cards, canvasses, mugs or totes bags, the possibilities are endless. My digital files are created from my original hand-painted watercolour paintings. I scan the artwork using a professional art scanner in order to preserve the depth of colour and every unique detail. I often find that the prints look better than the original.    

Once your payment has cleared, you will be sent an email with a link to your download. The link expires after 24 hours, so be sure to save the file to your computer so that it is available to use when you are ready. 

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Personal use licence

You are welcome to use the file as many times as you like, but please note that you are buying a personal use licence, which means you are not able to claim the work as your own, re-sell, share, give away for free or use for any other commercial reasons. Full copyright remains with Nikki Moksha Designs.

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