I'm always open to new ideas and custom designs, so if you fancy having something particular painted then let me know and we can have a chat. For commissions, the prices vary depending on how much work is involved.

Prints of your original painting can also be purchased, or why not have your pet’s portrait printed onto a mug for a lovely additional gift.

I charge £170 for A3 size watercolour paintings, including a frame and shipping.


Final Westieslow4.jpg


I absolutely loved painting this gorgeous little pair. This piece looked beautiful in A3 with a chunky modern grey frame.

Laura's dog01.jpg


This is Duke, a beautiful border Collie. I got the sense that he was a real sweetie and full of fun.


Hummingbird bedroom print

My client was in the process of having her bedroom redecorated and wanted a piece of art to match her Hummingbird wallpaper. She sent me a few samples of the wallpaper and I came up with three different birds. This is the winning design!

black lab.jpg


Ben the black Labrador, is the happiest more loyal dog I've ever met. After a rough start in life, he found his forever home with my parents in law who love him dearly. I didn't know dogs could smile until I met Ben!



This little fella was a surprise commission for a friend of my client who recently lost her beloved little boy. Such a gorgeous lad.


I painted Bea’s portrait earlier in 2018 and Bea’s Mum asked me to do a Christmas version for a bespoke set of Christmas cards. She is also part of my Christmas card collection.